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Mission Statement


"To enrich our angling experience and provide bountiful opportunities

for future generations."


We, the Wilderness Fly Fishers, prefer angling with the fly and have joined

together to more fully share our experiences with all anglers, and to foster

the following objectives:


      1.    Angling Water  

             To work for the preservation and improvement of our fishing waters.


      2.    Regulations

             To encourage the adoption of fishing regulations that will conserve

              and govern the fishing waters so that everyone may experience the

              kind of fishing he enjoys the most.


      3.    Education

             To promote fly fishing as a satisfying and rewarding method of

             angling which can be shared by all fishermen. To encourage the

             practice of common angling courtesies and thereby increase the

             fishing enjoyment of all. To enrich the general knowledge and

             appreciation of conservation so that all may effectively aid in the

             perpetuation of the sport.


      4.    Research

             To encourage research which will contribute to the development of

              better fishing.


      5.    Cooperation

             To support either individually, or as a group, those organizations or

             agencies which have pursuits in common with the Wilderness Fly



Our legacy to present and future generations is to leave the fishing waters in

as good or better condition than we found them.


Wilderness Fly Fishers

Santa Monica, CA

Organized March 1965




 In Memorium




Barbara Dettmer

Long time WFF Member and Officer.

Her late husband, Paul was one of the club's founders.

Barbara fishes other waters now. We miss her.




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