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For Our April 15, 2014 Meeting Wilderness Fly Fishers Presents: 

 Southern California's Carp and Bass

with Conway Bowman
“The most underrated fly fishery in Southern California is only a few steps out our backdoor,” says renowned SoCal angler, writer, and TV host, Conway Bowman. “It’s time to take a serious look at the warm water fly fishing opportunities we have right here."
     It is Conway’s unequivocal belief that carp and bass are both outstanding gamefish worthy of pursuit by any fly angler willing to think ‘outside’ the box. “All of us can explore the many accessible lakes, ponds, reservoirs and creeks in and around Southern California and enjoy wonderful, year round fly fishing.” 
     His presentation will take us through the basics of successfully targeting bass and carp on the fly as he explains the tackle, the flies and the best locations and times to catch these fish. And Conway will no doubt erase any reservations you might have about the fly fishing worthiness of what he unabashedly calls, “the great gamefish available all around us.”
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Founded in Santa Monica, California in 1965, Wilderness Fly Fishers is one of the oldest fly fishing clubs in the Los Angeles area. It is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of all fishing waters. WFF promotes stream and river protection with self-sustaining fish populations through conservation, environmental activism, catch-and-release ethics, and education.




March 18: The eggs are coming!

Trout eggs, that is
  The Trout Momma will be picking up the eggs Monday AM at the Filmore hatchery and delivering them to  classrooms that afternoon. Watch for Trout In The Classroom releases to begin next month. Let Celia know if you would like to volunteer. 

March 19: Kern River Workshop
Our on-the-stream instructor is Guy Jeans

    This half-day class will give you the knowledge to be a more effective fly fisher on any trout water in the world. You will learn the knots that give your flies the best presentation and drift. You will also learn European nymphing techniques that are deadly on any stream. Visit our website for more info. Contact Clay Dodder about possible openings. 

March 22: Double Haul Ball
Sponsored jointly by WFF, One Surf Fly, and the SWCIFFF
The DHB is a FREE all day workshop designed to teach the basics of fly fishing the surf. Watch our website for updates. This is the place if you want to get started surf fishing. Volunteers are always appreciated. 

March 29: Fly Tying
Mel Light, Instructor
Materials, tools and instruction provided -- FREE. Visit our website for contact information, parking directions, etc.

Coming in April:
Lots of fun stuff - don't miss out
Fishermen's Spot Fly Fishing Expo - Kids' Fly Fishing Academy - One Surf Fly Tournament - Conway Bowman on Bass & Carp - Surf Fishing - Kelsey Lake outing - and more!

Non-Members Welcome at all Our Events